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Out of control? Why is everything so frantic?

Do you ever get the feeling that things are unnecessarily frantic? They should be settled and organised - there shouldn't be the need for one crisis after another. Yet why do some business owners (accountants included) lurch from one near-miss to another stressful situation?

I'm writing this blog at that time of year when accountants are counting down to 31st January. Something which happens every year, the self-assessment tax deadline. Yet if our business is generally so routine, why do we feel that we are continually fire-fighting?

Is it the lack of human resource (staff)? Or do we have sufficient people but they are in the wrong places or in the wrong roles? Is it client's behaviours or expectations which impact on us too much? Or is it our own systems which cause inefficiencies?

The answer will, I suspect, be different for each firm. But until you've identified exactly what causes your internal stresses, or the mix of things, you won't be able to fix them.

If you don't feel you have the time, energy or skills to investigate these issues, give me a call. The Beyond2020 programme may be just what you need, or even just an exploratory piece of work first.

Don't be out of control. Take back control.

Out of Control by U2 (1980)

Monday morning

Eighteen years dawning I said how long Say how long I had the feeling it was out of control I was of the opinion it was out of control

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