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This Development Programme lasts 12 months, with a combination of areas of work, which are structured enough so you can see the progress your firm is making, but flexible enough to fit in with your needs and existing staffing and client commitments.

It focuses on 4 key areas:

  1. Your People - recruitment, appraisals, retention, succession

  2. Continuous Improvement - upskilling & training at all levels 

  3. Marketing - standing out from the crowd & being the adviser of choice

  4. Fundamentals - the profitable & smooth operations of all Service Lines

It starts with an assessment where I review and understand your firm, what defines you, and how you secure and win new clients and key staff. Then I make recommendations to improve all these areas, building upon your existing business, before looking further forward and agreeing what steps you need to take to future-proof your firm.

Fibre Optics


DNA Strand


Modern Technology


Fashion Headphones


Identifying where we are starting from & creating a baseline
Surveys and assessments
Developing the dream!

Focusing in for the 'quick wins'
Reviewing and implementing systems for the new world
Medium & longer-term succession planning

Rolling out marketing, recruitment and training strategies
Reviewing service lines and development of new products

Making the firm proud!  Adding bells and whistles that really make your firm stand out from the crowd.

If this sounds interesting to you, if you want to be sure that your firm will still be here in 2030, check out how you enrol and book a no obligation call.

Programme: Articles
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