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Working from Home


In the Beyond2020 Programme

There is only a very limited capacity for firms to be part of this programme. 

Therefore there is a on-boarding process which is quite structured. 

The good news is, if you don't want to take part, you won't be pestered with emails and marketing from me!  I will only ever send 3 emails to firms to introduce the programme and invite them to ask for more information. If after the third email you haven't responded or engaged with any form of interest, you won't be invited again. 

How's that for a promise in this day of spamming and never-ending sales emails?

This also ensures that I'm only working with firms who have the ability (or desire to learn how) to make decisions.  There will be an element of periodic decision-making by the senior leadership team, required from me during the year, and in order for this future-proof programme to be completed efficiently and successfully within a 12 month timeframe, we need to eliminate procrastination where time just drifts.

The process is:

  1. request information: you will be sent an outline of the possible work to be carried out across 12 month programme with some choices about which areas you may want to focus on improving (some are mandatory) and a Discovery Form to return

  2. a discussion call (preferably a video call): to answer any of your questions and think about any timescale or other practical considerations

  3. paperwork: MOU about the agreed work to be signed within 6 weeks of requesting information

Are you ready?  Let's go then! 

Contact me to request more details of the 12 month programme.

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